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Monday, September 13, 2004

"We blew up a mountain. Yeah, that's the ticket!"

"So just believe us, okay?"

North Korea, coming up with this rather strange excuse after only about 4 days, now says that the mysterious mushroom cloud which appeared last Thursday or so was the result of the "deliberate demolition of a mountain for the construction of a hydroelectric plant," according to an article on CNN.

(Pssst! Condi! Are you paying attention? It was bigger than the average forest fire.)

In the same article, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, working with the Kerry-Edwards campaign, says it more succinctly than I did early this morning:
"They [the North Koreans] get the wrong message out of Iraq. You know, we invade countries that don't have nuclear weapons and we don't invade those that do."
Unlike Condi, Albright must be paying attention to that part about the explosion occurring "near the site of the Yongjori missile base -- a large facility with an underground missile firing range."

Where are the pictures, though? Well, here's a satellite photo from 4 years ago showing the relative locations of the explosion (somewhere in the large circle) and a suspected HEU (highly enriched uranium) site (the smaller circle), though the writer failed to explain that. Here's another one that you can almost see if you put your face on the screen and use a magnifying glass. The accompanying article says that the blast "left a crater so big it could be seen from space." I suppose they mean "with the naked eye" and not with one of those satellites that can read your credit card number from space.

And you still wanna tell me there was no seismic activity?

Anyway, I'm still waiting for some eyewitness photos of the "peculiar" cloud itself. Where are those?
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