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Friday, October 08, 2004

Blog the vote

"Walking papers" for "W"
I was starting to get nervous, but my absentee ballots finally arrived Wednesday! I've got to say, they don't make it easy. In order to be sure that my vote would both be valid and be counted, I had to make an international phone call in the middle of the night to be sure I was doing everything correctly.

The ballot envelope clearly marked "PRESIDENTIAL BALLOT ONLY" is the one I was told on the phone in which I should also include the other "state" ballots for Proposed Constitutional Amendments and United States Representative. Had I not made the call, I'm not sure I would have taken the appropriate action. The kind lady on the phone told me that some kind of a special "allowance" had been made. No instructions regarding this fact were included with my ballots, and the Internet was no help -- except in finding the telephone number to my Registrar of Voters' office.

Anyway, it suuuuuuure feels good to have 'em in their proper envelopes and ready to go in the mail later today!

Up is down, redux
Now that it's once again been redundantly re-confirmed that there have been no WMD (nor WMD-related program activities) in Iraq since 1991, Dick Cheney is still perversely trying to use this very news to justify the March 2003 invasion.

Talk about living in a fantasy world!

UPDATE: The above link to the "wmdfinalreport.pdf" is merely a summary. For the whole 1,000 or so pages, you can go to the CIA's web site and download it there.
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