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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Taiwan's pan-blues can't endure the truth

Truth comes back to haunt them
Since the March 20,2004 presidential election in Taiwan, the opposition pan-blue parties have been crying that they want the "truth" about the election eve assassination attempt of President Chen Shui-bian and Vice-President Annette Lu. Chen and Lu won the election by a margin of 0.228 percent. The pan-blues have gone so far as to create an unconstitutional "truth commission" which could never be trusted to provide any semblance of "truth" to the Taiwanese people.

Just yesterday, the pan-blues showed once again that they can't handle the truth. Weeks of criticism has been aimed at the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for their intentions to spend NT$610.8 billion (US$18.25 billion) on defensive weapons in order to counter the threat posed by the 600 missiles China has aimed at Taiwan.

People First Party (PFP) legislator Liu Wen-hsiung, who threatened to bring a bulldozer with which to charge the Presidential Office during post-election rioting, physically attacked DPP legislators Lee Wen-chung and Chen Tsung-yi in the Legislative Yuan Tuesday as they held up posters pointing out that the budget was agreed to during the Chinese Nationalist Party's (KMT) rule and that a PFP legislator Nelson Ku supported the deal when he was a navy chief but now opposes it.

Mr. Bulldozer "tried to tackle" legislators Lee and Chen when they revealed the truth in order for the public to see that the pan-blues are simply full of shit. Others present were able to separate the two men and the spoiled brat.

Bully China demands weapon sales from EU
After the Tiananmen Square massacre of June 4, 1989, the European Union (EU) imposed an embargo on arms sales to China. Beijing officials are now playing the victim and demanding that the embargo be lifted. Isn't this an awful lot like a fox demanding to be let loose in a henhouse? If China is the fox and Taiwan is the henhouse, this analogy fits quite well.

Taiwan's Premier dispatches illegitimate interpretations
Premier Yu Shyi-kun has clarified President Chen Shui-bian's National Day speech -- for those who like to read between the lines and see things that aren't there -- "stressing that [Chen's] words should not be twisted to imply a consensus was reached in 1992."

Get it? Got it? Good!
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