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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Lien Chan redefines "freedom of speech" and "justice"

On Thursday, Taiwan's High Court is set to announce the results of seven months of work regarding the decision about whether or not to nullify the results of the presidential election in March. The winner of that election, President Chen Shui-bian, was shot in the stomach the day before the election while campaigning in an open jeep. His running mate, Vice-President Annette Lu was also grazed by a bullet on the right knee. Neither were seriously wounded, however, and the opposition parties began rioting the very next night when election results were broadcast on TV showing that Chen and Lu had won by a narrow margin.

The riots (which followed pre-election threats of such things happening) lasted for weeks, while the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) repeatedly attempted to provide legal solutions to the opposition. The opposition took nearly a month to tire of rioting every weekend, but to this day, the haven't quit their bitching.

(For a plethora of links to my in-depth coverage of the mess, see my September 15, 2004 post, "Birds of a feather." You can also find at least 3 more related posts on this blog since that time: 1, 2, 3.)

Back to matters at hand...

In advance of tomorrow's announcement by the High Court, the pan-blues are making more groundless accusations and threats. After repeatedly accusing President Chen of being a "dictator" and of holding "influence" over the judiciary, (If this is true, then why didn't they put Chiu Yi under the jail?) KMT Legislator Hou Tsai-feng recommended yesterday that Lien and his then-running mate James Soong go to the court and bring along more than 10,000 of their supporters when the decision is announced in order to "encourage" the justices involved in the case!

Why do they fear the result so? Is it because they know they don't have a snowball's chance in hell of achieveing their goal via legal means? Is this why they have to bring along the implied threat?

Their threats get even more overt and violent than that.

During a meeting of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT or Kuomintang) in Taiwan Wednesday afternoon, their chairman Lien Chan said of Chen (translation mine): "President Chen Shui-bian is a cheater. Somebody should kill him."

The particular words Lien used ("ren ren de yi zhu zhi") were borrowed from literature in some sort of a sick attempt to make himself sound "refined." It didn't work too well. In fact, the more he talks, the more it sounds like he was involved in the election eve assassination attempt.

President Chen, addressing a meeting at the Ketagalan Institute Wednesday, could only ask in response to Lien's statement, "What kind of a society is this and what kind of a democratic manner is this?"

This is not the first time the pan-blues have openly advocated assassinating the president. Chen has also been compared to Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and bin Laden by the pan-blues. Is that the kind of response you'd expect from such a person?

The only responses you should expect from the pan-blues in the face of bad news are self-contradiction, tears, noise, riots, accusations without evidence, and threats against peoples' lives. They make me fucking sick!

It's not over 'til it's over
After all that, how will I now be able to "cry foul" about the American presidential election (which I'll surely do if Bush is officially declared the winner)? Easily. I'll provide evidence to back up everything I say. I won't shed crocodile tears, I won't participate in riots, and I won't threaten anybody's life. That's how.

More on that when I have the facts.
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