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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A crack in the case?

"319" bulletmaker identified?

According to reports released yesterday and today, the person who made the bullets used in the March 19, 2004 shooting which injured Taiwan's president Chen Shui-bian and V-P Annette Lu as they campaigned on the eve of the presidential election has been identified.

The suspect -- as I assume we should still call him -- Tang Shou-yi, was first arrested in Kaohsiung on August 15 of this year during an illegal gun sale. According to a report in today's Taipei Times, a blueprint of a bullet matching the ones in the March 19 shooting was discovered in an October 12 raid on Tang's home in Tainan, which also served as an illegal weapons factory. Tainan is Chen Shui-bian's hometown as well as the site of the March 19 shooting.

Dr. Henry Lee says that "[i]t's like catching a needle in [the] ocean, and they did it," and calls this "significant progress." The pan-blues have been on television as recently as just last night claiming that Chen's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been hampering the investigation with their lack of cooperation. If that's true, then these police must be more awesome than even Lee could imagine.

How about "Bulletmaker-gate"?
Geez! I'm quite curious as to how this would've affected this past weekend's legislative election if this information had been released just a few days earlier -- or even back in October, for that matter.

A suggestion for the media
Just the facts, man! If you are so lazy that you need me to provide you with some more accurate "memes," I'd be happy to oblige.

Don't call the March 19 incident a "mysterious shooting." That simply promotes the pan-blues' bullshit. Simply call it "unsolved," instead.

Don't say "[a shooting] which angry opposition politicians said was staged." A real journalist would have exert the extra effort to follow that up with the other side of the story, too. If you say instead, "There is no evidence to support the opposition's claims that...," you'll have less work to do, you lazy fucks!

And don't quote Henry Lee saying that it "could not have been a political assassination," because this "conclusion" is drawn from a mere lack of evidence. Instead, say that "the assassination attempt, although unsuccessful, came frighteningly close to killing the president, and until the shooter is caught, we cannot know whether this was a 'political assassination' (attempt) or simply the act of a lunatic."

Late as usual
I still haven't posted "Part 6" in my shootdown of "Bulletgate," which I hoped would be up yesterday, but other things have been keeping me occupied. We will return to that when I can focus more clearly on matters at hand than I did during "Part 5."
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