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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

News of justice delayed is itself delayed

Taiwan's English newspapers seem to be short of translators and/or have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy

Today's Taiwan News has the first English-language news that I can find on the missing "gas bomber" (AKA "anti-Taiwan independence bomber," "Taipei Railway Station Bomber," and "dangerous mofo") Kao Pao-chung. Here's part of what the Taiwan News had to say more than 48 hours after I posted the information on this blog about Kao's unknown whereabouts:
Since walking free from the Taipei Detention Center Saturday morning, Kao has not returned to his residence in Taichung. His family told cable TV reporters that he wanted to calm his mind somewhere else.

In his motion have the bail ruling set aside, Prosecutor Huang revealed that the suspect was found to have plotted the bombing for one month.

Kao told interrogators that he spent NT$15,000 to rent a house where he re-equipped the gas tanks and confessed that he had destroyed some pieces of evidence before the arrest. The confession raised prosecutor concerns that he was capable of and likely to launch another attack if he remained free.

Prosecutors also believed that Kao's failure to surrender of his own will undermined Judge Ting's judgment that the suspect had shown contrition for his actions. [Emphasis mine]
A China Post article on the same story takes a different tone, however. Besides still not mentioning that the suspect is missing, it draws attention away from the judge and tosses it instead in the direction of DPP legislator Lin Chung-mo, whose "generous amount of profanity" uttered in protest of the decision to release Kao on bail was more than justified in the light of the situation.

"Bulletgate" shootdown delayed, hopefully not denied much longer
Recent events have kept me away from attending carefully to the details of tearing the writers of "Bulletgate" a collective new asshole, but if you're patient, your wait will be rewarded.
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