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Monday, December 20, 2004

News of missing bomber is itself MIA

"WTF?!" Part 3

Although all 3 of Taiwan's English newspapers (China Post, Taipei Times, and Taiwan News) reported yesterday that the "gas bomber" had been released on bail Saturday, there was no mention of him already violating the conditions of that bail. While I originally thought that this may have been because the news came out only after their deadlines had passed, none of today's editions of those 3 papers has anything either.

The story was also conspicuously absent from yesterday's TV news. While another story of the potential capture of notorious kidnapper Chang Hsi-ming dominated the day's news, missing "gas bomber" Kao Pao-chung was not mentioned even once in all the news I saw. This would make him "meta-missing."

RAPID UPDATE: Before posting this online, I was informed that the Chinese-language Liberty Times has an article [Use this link before Dec. 21, Taiwan time] on the case. According to the article, Kao is said to be staying with his father, yet no one has been able to confirm that he is actually there. It also says that the judge has given another laughable reason for releasing the suspect: Kao is not a "political fanatic."

Oh, really?! He only set off an explosion in Taiwan's capital 2 days before an election and gave anti-Taiwan independence as the reason for placing the bombs, four of which did not succeed in detonating. While Kao has not yet been convicted and should still have rights, the evidence collected is obviously enough to detain him until a trial can be held.

And Chen Shui-bian is accused by the pan-blues of "controlling the judiciary"?

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