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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Shooting down "Bulletgate" -- Part 1

How about "Murdergate," motherfuckers?!

The pan-blues thrive on mimicry, but they certainly don't bring anything "new and improved" to the technique. Taking its name from the "Watergate" scandal, the pan-blues' "Bulletgate" pamphlet fails to even remotely reproduce the fact-based investigative journalism that uncovered the break-in at the Democratic Party Headquarters and forced the resignation of then-president Richard Nixon and the conviction of more than 70 people. What "Bulletgate" does instead is to create its own "clouds of suspicion" around a subject whose answers are still being sought by the ones who were shot.

The pan-blues tried to mimic the recount tactics used by the GOP following the U.S. presidential election of 2000 (rent-a-mobs), but they failed miserably, saying that they had lost control of their supporters almost immediately after rallying them to protest the validity of the election.

The pan-blues took this to such incredible extreme that one can only shake their head and sigh.

We're doing this for Taiwan! Ya see how China reacted?
In the wake of Taiwan's 2004 presidential election, the pan-blues repeatedly showed contempt for the people of Taiwan, and they continue to do so at every turn. When government officials in China said that they would "not sit by watching should the post-election situation in Taiwan get out of control," the pan-blues took this as a cue that they were doing the "right thing."

If at first you don't succeed...?
There was the shooting, then the so-called "concern," the cries of "unfair!" and "invalid," and the riots. After all that (as if it weren't already more than enough), there were repeated open calls from pan-blue politicians (Lien Chan in November and People First Party (PFP) legislator Thomas Lee in April) to "kill" President Chen. They must have been terribly upset that he didn't die as a result of the March 19 shooting. Filing lawsuits based on firm evidence, protesting peacefully, and even publishing propaganda which was based on facts and logic would all be reasonable responses to such an election loss.

... fail, fail again?
However, their lawsuits were groundless, their protests were quite violent, and their "Bulletgate" is nothing but bullshit from its first page to its last.

Now, onward to the content.

From the cover and title page:
Questions on the Legitimacy of the Presidency

An Information Booklet On Taiwan's Controversial Presidential Election in 2004

Prepared by the National Policy Foundation
Taipei, June 2004
That might not seem like much to work with, but a quick peek at the web site of Japan's National Institute for Research Advancement reveals that the chairman of the National Policy Foundation [Mandarin, English(?)] is none other than Lien Chan. This is not made plain anywhere in the "Bulletgate" pamphlet and appears to be an attempt right off the bat to deceive foreign readers into believing that the document is nonpartisan and objective.

NEXT UP: That dubious "rule of law" stuff
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