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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Shooting down "Bulletgate" -- Part 2

If you obey the law, the pan-blues call you a "dictator"

The next page of "Bulletgate" is just a picture and a caption, but let's rip the bullshit out of it anyway.

From page 2:
Crisis and Tension

[Image of a large crowd of protestors on Taipei's Ketagelan Blvd. between the KMT headquarters and the Presidential Office]

Over half a million citizens crowd the streets outside Taipei's Presidential Office to protest the 2004 Presidential Election results, and express their anger at the dubious tactics used by Chen Shui-bian to hold on to power.
I don't know if there were half a million there, but it's not how many the picture shows. That's "dubious." The "tactics" Chen used to hold onto power? He won the election. Oh, and he didn't die like a so-called "non-dictator" would have if he had gotten shot. You know -- really shot. (That's the really tricky part.) Therefore, he's a dictator! Damn that dubious bastard!

Okay, enough facetiousness for the moment. Let's take a look at just a few of the dubious tactics used by Lien Chan:
* After the shooting, Lien insisted on holding the election as scheduled. (Not really a problem, unless you listen to what he says the next day and which he will repeat for all of eternity...)
* On election night, mere seconds after telling his supporters to stay calm, Lien stoked their passions by saying that the election was "unfair" and that it should be invalidated.
* On March 23, just three days after instigating his supporters to gather in front of the presidential office, Lien said that they were "out of [his] control," yet continued stirring them up even more.
* In asking for an immediate recount, Lien Chan refused to follow the procedures which are required by law (written while the KMT was still in power?). And the pan-blues have the nerve to call Chen Shui-bian a "dictator"?
* Even the pro-unification China Times had Chen Shui-bian in the lead in their own pre-election surveys, but Lien Chan prefers to quote TVBS surveys to back up his claim that the election was affected by the shooting, despite the outcome falling within that very survey's own margin of error. (The TVBS survey comes up later in "Bulletgate.")
How's that for "dubious"? (And we're only on the second page!)

* Taiwan's Election Laws (in English), via the Central Election Commission web site
* See the results of a very inaccurate TVBS survey in the runup to Taiwan's presidential election in 2000. (Actual outcome of that election: Chen Shui-bian: 4,977,697 votes (39.30%); James Soong: 4,664,972 votes (36.84%); Lien Chan: 2,925,513 votes (23.10%))
* See what kind of people were being brought to the protests to support Lien and Soong.

THIS JUST IN: Via SETN's scrolling newsbar, I just got the news that a "Bulletgate 2," which supposedly calls Dr. Henry Lee's findings on the March 19 shooting "fraudulent" ("He's our guy -- unless he gives us the 'wrong' answer!"?) has been published. I also heard President Chen responding to Lien Chan's statement that if the pan-blues win a legislative majority in this Saturday's election, Lien will supposedly "organize a new government." Chen said almost exactly what I was telling my wife earlier this evening -- that the pan-blues will try to make a special law that says only Lien and Soong can be president and vice-president ('til the end of time?).

NEXT UP: The pan-blues get "dubiouser and dubiouser."
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