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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Shooting down "Bulletgate" -- Part 3

Various vague and vibrant vagaries in vogue with vicious "victims"

No matter how many times the pan-blues repeat themselves, their lies won't magically become true. We're only on the third page of "Bulletgate," and their thusfar vague reference to "dubious tactics" is already being repeated.

From page 3:
Taiwan's vibrant democracy, for years lauded as a model for Asia, is now entrenched in its deepest crisis ever. Suspicious events and dubious tactics used in the recent Presidential election by the incumbent Chen Shui-bian have bitterly divided the otherwise cohesive society, creating deep animosity and mistrust that has damaged Taiwan's social harmony to the core. At the same time, Taiwan's status with Mainland China is at its most volatile,creating unprecedented tension in the Taiwan Strait.
Whole lotta vagueness goin' on
Let's see. The pan-blues couldn't be trying to take credit for that, could they? Just when did people start calling Taiwan a "vibrant democracy"? Hmmmm?

For nearly 40 years while ruled by the KMT -- until 1986 1987, in fact -- Taiwan was actually under martial law. Nope. Couldn't be then. That's still [nearly] a whole decade too early.

Presumably, this "vibrant democracy" only came into being sometime around 1996, when the people of Taiwan had their first direct presidential election. They chose Lee Teng-hui -- the first Taiwanese president to be born in Taiwan! It's not really surprising after being ruled by a foreign (Chinese) occupying power for so long. It simply sounds like the Taiwanese were saying they were sick of it all. Can you say "democracy"?

Big girls don't cry...
At the time, China's attempts to sway the election with missile "tests" backfired (pun intended), and Taiwan got a president who began to move the island nation forward on the road to democracy. It wasn't until 2000 -- after more than 50 years in power -- that the KMT became the "opposition" party, and even though they currently still hold a majority in the legislature, they act like babies whose pacifiers have been jerked from their quivering little mouths.

So, just how long are the pan-blues talking about when they mention all those (vague) "years" of "vibrant democracy"? Eight years? And it's certainly no thanks to the KMT.

Our love's in jeopardy, baby...
Now, onward to the "crisis." What caused it?

Consider these things for starters: Weekly riots by the pan-blues. Groundless lawsuits by the pan-blues. And an unconstitutional "kangaroo court" created by the pan-blues. I guess they don't consider China firing missiles in our direction too much of a "crisis"?

We can't go on together...
What "suspicious events"? The president and vice-president were shot -- but didn't die. A recount was conducted -- but the Lien-Soong ticket still lost. The pan-blues took their request to nullify the election to the High Court -- yet it wasn't granted because they failed to make their case. An investigation of the evidence was conducted by the guy "recommended by the KMT" -- and the results didn't match the answer they wanted.

Evil president, rotten luck, or just a bunch of pan-blue crybaby losers? You decide.

I talked about "dubious tactics" in the last installment, so I won't repeat myself here. (Click the link if you haven't read that part yet. However, if you want to make yourself sound really foolish, just keep saying "referendum" over and over until you pass out.)

Let's talk about this "[bitter division]," shall we? On second thought, let's not. I'd just be repeating what I wrote back on April 21, 2004. (You know what to do.)

President Chen Shui-bian recently announced that he would change the names of Taiwan's overseas embassies to include the word "Taiwan" (as opposed to such awkward avoidances as "Taipei Economic and Cultural Office" or "Chung Hwa Travel Service") and that he wanted all state-owned enterprises in Taiwan to change their names within two years to avoid confusion in the international community. It makes so much sense, I can only wonder if he or his advisors have been reading this blog. After all, can you guess which one of the following companies is not located in Taiwan?:
* Air China
* Chinese Petroleum Corporation
* China Steel Chemical Corporation
* China Airlines
* China Times
* China Post
Answer? It's the first one. All of the other businesses are Taiwanese, and three of them are run by the government.

You'd think that people would be excited about such a good idea, right? Well, that's not quite how China and the U.S. reacted. They're both accusing Chen of trying to change the "status quo." (Why do so many people insist on perpetuating such awful ideas?)

There's a funny side to this, however. When a Chinese reporter asked U.S. State Department Spokesman Adam Ereli about the American position on the matter, she allowed them both to contradict themselves. [Mistakes in original text which I saw displayed on ETTV-S, Channel 44 (Chou Yu-kou's talk show); Emphasis mine]:
The press reports out of Taiwan has said Taiwan Government tries to change their representative office name in New York and change it to Taiwan Mission.
Say, what?! You just called Taiwan "Taiwan," dumbass! Ereli referred to Taiwan as "Taiwan," too! [Emphasis mine]:
"These changes of terminology for government-controlled enterprises or economic and cultural offices abroad," Ereli told reporters in his daily press briefing, "in our view, would appear to unilaterally change Taiwan's status, and for that reason, we're not supportive of them."
You know what? The agreement by which the U.S. sells defensive weapons to Taiwan is called the "Taiwan Relations Act"! Furthermore, the de facto American Embassy here is called the "American Institute in Taiwan."


NEXT UP: Not even a barrelful of sugar will help the pan-blues' mendacity go down!
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