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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Shooting down "Bulletgate" -- Part 9

Taiwanese gentlemen, stand up please!

In their desperation, the pan-blues are having a 3-legged race with their own "logic." Here we are, on page 8:
[Large headline:] Bulletgate

[An image of President Chen, surrounded by a phalanx of presidential aides/guards, entering Chi Mei Hospital on foot]

[PHOTO CAPTION:] Chen walks into private Chimei Hospital on his own power minutes after the alleged assassination attempt. Citizens throughout Taiwan shook their heads in disbelief when this photo was released, for nowhere in the photo is there a sense of urgency to match the alleged deed, or even blood from the wound.
The poor, poor, pitiful pan-blues. Hao ke lian de! How they must wish Chen Shui-bian would have just fallen down and died! But he didn't even fall down, they complain. He walked into the hospital "on his own power," Boo hoo!

Countering the pan-blues' statements in real time, President Chen said just three days after the shooting, "It was because I am the president of Republic of China, I can never fall down." If he's strong, they say he's a dictator. If he's weak, he's a wuss. Poor, poor, insatiable pan-blues.

Poor, poor, incredibly anxious pan-blues. They're upset that the photo they chose to print didn't convey a "sense of urgency." The phalanx of guards moving people out of the way wasn't enough to convey that to those who did not wish to see it.

Poor, poor bloodthirsty pan-blues. They can't see the blood that they want to see -- and they want to see a lot of blood! (Could it be that Chen Shui-bian's arms are directly in front of his wound?) The pan-blues can't see themselves in the mirror, either. Therefore, they are obviously vampires.

They blinded me with pseudo-science
Dr. Henry Lee, the forensics expert recommended by the KMT, had already explained that in this type of grazing wound, the lack of blood was likely due to a "cauterization" from the heat of the relatively slow-moving bullet. He also reiterated just over a week ago that Chen's wound was indeed caused by a bullet, that he had seen this sort of wound before, and that Chen did not inflict the injury upon himself.

Got realism?
If someone were to fake such a thing, I'm pretty sure that they'd want more blood to appear and that they'd fall down for a greater effect. The way it happened on March 19, 2004, it doesn't sound like (as the argument I shot down back in Part 6 goes) "the incumbent party milked the incident to maximum effect."

No, that would be the domain of the pan-blues.

NEXT UP: Loopy "legitimacy"
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