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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Taipei train station bomber caught yesterday, released today -- WTF?!

We once again interrupt the shootdown of "Bulletgate"

Kao Pao-chung, the unemployed 46-year-old Taichung man arrested just yesterday for causing the van explosion near the Taipei Railway Station just 2 days before this month's legislative elections has already been released on NT$100,000 (US$3,089.76) bail, according to TV news reports on SETN, CTI, and ETTV.

According to police quoted in the Taipei Times article linked above, Kao is "a second-generation Mainlander and passionate about politics." Police also said that "he had admitted that he had been politically motivated."

Despite evidence -- and a confession -- that he is also responsible for bomb threats at Taipei 101 (currently touted as the "world's tallest building") on the same day as the van explosion, a judge from the Taipei (City) District Court has released him because [translation mine] "he poses no further threat to society." The van used in the explosion, by the way, was "stolen from a dealership in Taichung County," according to another article in last Sunday's Taipei Times.

Captain, this is highly illogical
The opposition pan-blues constantly say that President Chen Shui-bian "controls the judiciary." If this is true -- and I assert that it is a highly dubious claim -- then the bombing suspect, who has claimed "anti-Taiwan independence" motives for his actions, would not have been released so quickly.
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