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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Shooting down "Bulletgate" -- Part 12

Get out your synonyms

Didn't they just call it a "Referendum Without a Cause" on the previous page? Well, the rogues are saying it again on page 11 -- they're just using different words:
[BACKGROUND IMAGE: A sepia-toned photo of the post-election protesters. Signs in English read, "Shame on A-bian," "Shame on DPP's Dirty Election," "Government Conspiracy," "Judiciary Recount," "Fake Assassinate" (sic), A-bian V.S. (sic) People Power." Signs in Chinese read, "Democracy yes, dictatorship no," "Taiwan's angry roar," "My 'emperor' A-bian: decree a recount," etc.]

[SUPERIMPOSED TEXT:] Meaningless Referendum

The two topics, decided on far after Chen decided to stage the referendum on the same day as the Presidential election, left much to be desired in terms of coherence, feasibility or even necessity:

1. Vote Yes or No on this statement:
"The people of Taiwan insist that the Taiwan Straits problem should be resolved peacefully. If the Chinese Communists don't disable their missiles that are aimed at Taiwan, if they don't abandon the use of violence against Taiwan, do you agree that the government buy more missile equipment, to enhance Taiwan's self-defense capability?"

2. Vote Yes or No on this statement:
"Do you agree that the government open talks with the Chinese Communists, to push toward the development of a peaceful and balanced dynamic structure to search for consensus between the two sides of the Straits and the happiness of the people?"
Well, that doesn't add anything to their argument, does it? And to argue against their framing of the referendum questions on this page, I'd merely be repeating Part 11 of this shootdown. But that's not to imply that there's nothing to be said.

Get out your microscopes
Let's take a closer look at the pan-blues' words: "[The referendum] left much to be desired in terms of coherence, feasibility or even necessity."

As if they would know about any of those things!

For your consideration
The "immediate recount" the pan-blues were demanding even before the election results were officially announced wasn't in accordance with the law. Only an emperor or a dictator could "decree" such a thing! So, is Chen Shui-bian an emperor/dictator, or isn't he?

Ah, who needs "coherence"? Obviously not the pan-blues. They can just "roar" instead!

Yeah, but is it doable?
What about "feasability"? Well, there was a budget drawn up during KMT rule for the purchase of defensive weapons from the U.S. Chen Shui-bian is currently trying to implement this budget, but the pan-blues are continually blocking him. This is only making the situation more dire. But what do the pan-blues know about "necessity"?

The "bear" necessities
Their own protests would only have been a "necessity" if they had first waited for the election results to be officially announced (and hadn't tried to interrupt the announcement by rioting), then requested a recount, and then been denied a recount.

All patience must wait outside
But they couldn't wait. They rioted first and didn't ask questions. They still got their recount -- a recount of all the votes, not just those for the Chen-Lu ticket -- with representatives from both sides observing, but it didn't change who won. The few votes that changed were the result of mistakes, not fraud.

The whole way along, the pan-blues have cried, "No truth, no president." Yet those damn facts always seem to be "biased" against them.

What do the pan-blues know about "truth"?

Get out your Post-It notes ('cuz here are some reminders):
* The referendum law was passed by the pan-blue dominated legislature.
* It gave the president the right to decide when a referendum was necessary.
* Chen Shui-bian followed the pan-blue-approved referendum law in deciding upon one which didn't include -- Tiananmen forbid -- the taboo topic of "Taiwan independence."
* The final wording of the referendum questions was submitted to the U.S. (for "approval"?) before they were announced.
* The pan-blues illegally told people not to vote in the referendum. I received one of their "instructional" flyers in my own mailbox.
* The referendum failed, yet the pan-blues still use this to cry that the election was "Unfair!"

Get out your handkerchiefs, ya crybabies!

* The Devil's Dictionary, online

NEXT UP: "Just ice" for hot-headed "meditators"
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