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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Consorting with the enemy

With enemies like these, Taiwan needs some real friends

Taiwan's current main "opposition" party, the KMT, is doing their damnedest to promote themselves as evil in the flesh and as one of the biggest enemies of Taiwan.

A little more than two weeks after Taiwan's other huge enemy -- China -- passed an "anti-secession" law legislating the arbitrary use of "non-peaceful means" against Taiwan, a 34-member "delegation" of KMT politicians is in enemy territory on an unauthorized "mission" of self-promotion at any cost.

The "anti-secession" law has already taken its first obvious victim: Hsu Wen-lung, founder and former chairman of the Chi Mei Corporation, head of the hospital that treated Chen Shui-bian for his gunshot wound on March 19, 2004, and a senior policy advisor to the president. On the same day when countless people were protesting the Chinese law, Hsu published a suspicious open letter stating that Taiwan independence would "bring disaster."

That's quite a contrast from June 2004, when the Taipei Times reported that the Communist mouthpiece People's Daily "accused Hsu of using profits gained in China to finance the independence movement in Taiwan."

This is psychological warfare. So is the KMT's behavior. By all appearances, what they're basically doing is selling out Taiwan, and it makes me fucking sick.

In what ETTV is calling a "conspiracy theory," DPP caucus whip Chen Ching-jun has accused the KMT of having "signed a secret pact" with the Communist Party sometime before the 2004 presidential election at a meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. This story was broadcast on several Chinese-language news channels in Taiwan Wednesday evening, and I think the DPP was claiming to have received this information from American intelligence sources. I will have to verify this when more information is available.

If the KMT does sign or has already signed any kind of agreement with the Chinese authorities without the authorization of Taiwan's current government, they will be committing/will have committed treason.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) blasted the trip as behing "divisive" -- something of which the opposition often accuses the DPP. Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council chairman Joseph Wu said, "It's very odd that they would cooperate with the Communist Party instead of the ruling party here on Taiwan."

Odd? Yes, very. Surprising? No, hardly at all.
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