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Sunday, March 20, 2005

More on the 319 "truth-seekers"

Why do they hate Taiwan?

In Saturday's China Post, the number of pan-blue protesters expected -- prior to the actual event -- to show up for their "Let's pretend to assassinate Chen Shui-bian but claim he did it himself" rally "mysteriously" precisely matches the "100,000" reported after the fact by at least three pan-blue news channels last night. However, an update from 11:56 PM Friday night in the online version of the same newspaper says that "about 20,000 people took part in the march." Robert Novak would have fun trying to spin that difference, eh?

(Oops! Looks like somebody isn't marching in lockstep. I wonder if their editors' heads exploded after I recently wrote a letter pointing out a cornucopia of contradictions within a single editorial column.)

One of the empty-headed mantras the update in the China Post reports pan-blue protesters chanting yesterday is "No truth, no peace." That phrase is only half-true. No matter how much "truth" they get, if it's not "we win," they will continue creating chaos -- and that's a fact.

"No truth, no existence." Begone, pan-blues!
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