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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Five five five is a joke

A study of nihilism in 21st century Taiwan
On the fifth day of the fifth month of the year 2005 (05/05/05), James Soong, Lien Chan's crybaby sore loser running mate in last year's presidential election in Taiwan and chairman of the People First Party (PFP), is in China for another round of "selling out Taiwan."

President Chen Shui-bian is back from kissing dolphins in the Marshall Islands and an overnight stay in Fiji, and he's spouting bullshit about "reconciliation."

This crap about being a president for "all the people" is utter nonsense in this case because it assumes the absurd:
1) that one can let gangsters run wild yet suppress people from demonstrating peacefully;
2) that what is "good" for the opposition (the party of gangsters which allies itself with a country that has 700 or so missiles aimed at us) is "good" for the people of Taiwan -- even if the people were to agree with the shit; and
3) that compromising with the KMT, the PFP, or the CCP will actually gain anything for the people of Taiwan.
This [Chen's refusal/inability to use the rule of law to strike back at an opposition who continues to flaunt this situation and endanger democracy] is a reflection of the mei ban fa ("it can't be done") part of Taiwan's culture that makes me sick to my fucking stomach.

To those who would not be nihilists
Look, if there's anybody out there who has the means, here's what you need to do, even if you think it's already too late:
1) Go take a good, long look at MediaMatters.org, the Daily Howler, and FAIR.
2) Compile a database of info about the strange relationships between Taiwan's politicians and the media, both at home and abroad, both pan-blue and pan-green.
3) Every time there's untrue, deceptive, or otherwise inaccurate news about Taiwan in either the local or international news, apply the methodology to tear it to shreds, and hold accountable those responsible for its promulgation.
4) Do it in at least Chinese and English so the international community won't be so blissfully ignorant.
5) No cha bu duo ("close enough for government work") allowed!
6) Do it now!!! You can't wait for my Chinese ability to be good enough to do it myself.
That's all there is to it. Sounds like fun, eh?

Or the alternative? You could just lay down and submit to China and the KMT.

To those who would be idiots
One of the clients of the company where my wife works thinks that China is "not so bad." This person actually said that if you "don't do anything wrong, you should have nothing to fear."

I think I should remind this kind of person of a few things:
1) They beat, jail, and kill people for practicing Falun Gong in China.
2) In China, you can't view many web sites in or even about Taiwan.
3) A reporter named Chen Hung-hsiu speaking a short while ago on the late night talk show "Xin wen wa wa wa" ("News, dig, dig, wow!") was asked if he like the idea of unification with China. He said that covering the recent Lien Chan trip was his first visit to China and that he didn't like the idea one bit because of the limits that were imposed upon him during the short time he was there. The kicker? This guy works for The Journalist -- a magazine which famously complained about a lack of freedom of the press in Taiwan!
4) Even if you don't do anything "wrong," somebody like Diane Lee might say you did just 'cuz they don't like you -- or perhaps because they did something wrong, and you know about it.
Still itching to join up? If so, please just kill yourself now.
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