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Monday, May 30, 2005

Ministry of Propaganda strikes again

Question everything, especially this!

These 2 articles showed up in my Bloglines feeds yesterday:
* China Alters Language On Taiwan
* Taiwan Nationalist Cites 'Consensus' With Chinese on Ending Hostilities
The first one bears a dateline of May 13, 2005, while the second is dated May 4, 2005. But let's note some similarities:
* Both articles are from the Washington Post.
* Both showed up in Bloglines as being posted -- not "updated" -- on May 29, 2005.
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* Both originally appeared on Page A01.
* Both articles are about Taiwan's perpetual crybaby opposition leaders visiting China.
* Both articles paint Taiwan's riot-loving opposition as well as China's missile-pointing leaders with words of kindness and greatness.
* There was no Google cache of either page.
Exactly two weeks earlier (May 15, 2005), CNN did the same thing with an article originally published on May 1, 2005. Although it showed up in Bloglines as being "updated," CNN's web site showed no indication that the last paragraph didn't appear in the original article. There's also one more difference: the original didn't mention that "Mike Chinoy contributed to [that] report." [NOTE: I compared the two versions at that time and saved both to my computer, but today, the Google cache showed a version that was saved on May 25, 2005.]

I smell something rotten, and I don't like it one bit. Thoughts? Click my name below to send 'em to me.

UPDATE: This post has now been updated three times -- first to fix a dumb typo, again to include this image, and finally to fix the update. Compare the image below with the one above which indicates nothing about the posts ever having been "Updated."
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