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Friday, May 20, 2005

WHO, cyanide, and HK's biggest joke

Taiwan's bid to join the World Health Organization (WHO) -- and even to attend the World Health Assembly (WHA) -- has once again been rejected for the ninth consecutive time because of China.

Remember just last month when Lien Chan and James Soong went there for "talks" with Chinese leaders in Beijing? They supposedly got a promise that China would "allow" Taiwan into the WHO. That was then.

This is now: "Taiwan has no sovereignty and couldn't attend the WHA. Taiwan's opposition leaders said so during their visits to China," according to a summation of comments made recently by Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Sha Zukang and Chinese Health Minister Kao Qiang.

Whether it's their "one China" policy that doesn't allow other countries to have simultaneous diplomatic relations with China and Taiwan or delaying help to Taiwan during the SARS crisis, Sha, Kao, and the Chinese leadership are terrorists, plain and simple.

Here comes more sickness
In other news of sick motherfuckers, some asshole placed cyanide-laced bottles of the "energy drink" Paolyta Mán Niú and the "herbal drink" Paolyta B on the shelves of several local stores at various times on Tuesday and Wednesday (according to surveillance video), including the place where I get many of my groceries. Despite bearing labels with the words "Contains poison [skull and crossbones] Please don't drink," five people are said to have been poisoned. At least one death is said to have resulted from the poisoning.

The product has reportedly been pulled from all grocery and convenience store shelves while police search for a suspect, and the manufacturer has said that all remaining bottles will be destroyed.

Jackie Chan promotes a myth
After the 2004 presidential election in Taiwan, goofball Jackie Chan made a fool of himself by calling that election "the biggest joke in the world." That certainly didn't warm the hearts of too many pan-green supporters. In fact, one idiot in the DPP took things too far, proposing to ask the government "to ban showings of Jackie Chan's new movie [Around the World in 80 Days]." Even then, the media blew the story out of proportion. That was then.

This is now (I have this strange feeling of déjà vu.):
Movie star Jackie Chan says he will stay away from Taiwan for four years to avoid protests over remarks he made calling the island's presidential election in 2004 a joke, a Taiwanese cable station reported Thursday.


In an interview in Cannes with Taiwanese cable station TVBS broadcast Thursday, Chan said he wanted to avoid the island for the time being.

"If I come, some people might organize something at the airport," Chan said, alluding to recent political protests at Taipei's international airport.


Chan was visiting the Cannes Film Festival to promote "The Myth," an adventure movie shot in India and China.
How apropos!

Tell ya what, Jackie. I'll never pay to see another one of your movies. Ever. How about that? Not that it'll be too difficult or anything. Read the interview with BS-TV here (in Big-5 Chinese encoding).
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