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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Read all about it

Here's a roundup of today's news on the frigate fiasco.

Via the Taipei Times:
* Wang leads charge in Diaoyutais show
* KMT exploiting fishing dispute, premier says
* Greens slam pan-blues' ocean voyage
* Alliance cautions against playing Beijing's game
* PFP digs in its heels on arms bill (Yes, this is related. See "boycott" in previous post.)
* Editorial: Wang's campaigning harms Taiwan
* Talks needed on fishing disputes
Via the Taiwan News:
* Lawmakers visit disputed waters
* 'Pan-greens' urge KMT to support U.S. arms deal
Via the Taiwan-based China Post:
* Speaker Wang becomes focus in fishing dispute
* Taiwan sends frigate to aid fishermen
* Gunboat diplomacy useful (Editorial)
Via the China-based China Daily (Xinhua):
* Japan harassment on islands protested
Via the UK Financial Times:
* Taiwan frigates sent into disputed waters
Via the New Zealand Herald:
* Taiwan sends warship to islands claimed by Japan
Now go read some of those items.

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