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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Glenn Reynolds must diet

The shit-eater's amorphous "Taiwan policy"

Doing further research into Glenn Reynolds' foray into Taiwan rumormongering, I found that his shit-breath (at least regarding this topic) began a couple months earlier.

Here is the chronology of chronic coprophilia (links in originals):

March 26, 2005
ROGER SIMON SAYS "BRAVO!" to Taiwan's independence marches.
Without further comment, I assume Instapu..., too, says "BRAVO!" He doesn't even utter a "Heh" or an "Indeed."

But look what he writes just nine days later.

April 4, 2005
If I were the Taiwanese, I'd be looking to buy nuclear weapons from North Korea . . . .


Macchiavellian [sic] plan: Give nukes to Taiwan. Have Taiwan explode one in the Pacific as a "test." Have Taiwan announce that it got them from North Korea and Iran and will acquire more. Watch China deal with both countries . . . .
Note how he tries to affiliate Taiwan with two of Bush's "axis of evil" countries. Dude, Taiwan is not your sock puppet and you won't "have Taiwan" do anything.

Six weeks later, his recurring nuclear fantasy rears its ugly head again.

May 17, 2005

He might also point out that the 9/11 attacks didn't have the expected effect. For a warmongering global imperialist power, America seems to be insufficiently feared.

UPDATE: Hmm. If Taiwan "acquired" a few dozen thermonuclear weapons, would the calculus change?
Like, acquire them out of thin air? Why is he now being so vague about the source of these nukes?

This leads up to where I left off in my previous post...

June 26, 2005
China is building its military forces faster than U.S. intelligence and military analysts expected, prompting fears that Beijing will attack Taiwan in the next two years, according to Pentagon officials.
Perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone by floating a rumor that Taiwan is acquiring nuclear weapons from North Korea . . . .
It's hard to see what Reynolds actually means through all that brownness. Maybe he wants Taiwan to stand up to China -- all by itself, using nukes -- and if it's unsuccessful, well, he's still got his teaching job. He seems to be unaware of what happens when countries wage war without a real alliance or even a plan.

But then there was this "coincidental" bit of "news" that came out on July 18, 2005:
A North Korean parliamentarian allegedly visited Taiwan to "sell" missiles made in North Korea, a monthly magazine in Seoul reported in its August edition.


The magazine reported that the parliamentarian's visit to Taiwan was designed to market North Korean missiles. It is not clear whether the North Korean had targeted Taiwan as purchaser or just had meetings with other nationals in Taiwan.
This was immediately denied by Taiwan's government.

The suggestion that Taiwan acquire nukes as a deterrent is absurd. China already has them, and a nuclear arms race between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait would push the tension in the region right over the edge. With the pan-blues constantly blocking Taiwan's defensive arms budget, it would also be a practical impossibility.

The world needs to get rid of nukes, and Glenn Reynolds needs to clean out his cesspool. Then he must diet.

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