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Monday, November 14, 2005

The pan-blue version of "free speech"

Their cups runneth over with irony
When it came to TVBS stirring up the emotions of people like Chen Yi-hsiung (who killed himself after shooting the president and vice-president) and Tu Shih-san (who was apprehended after he threatened to "execute" the premier and his family), Taiwan's pan-blue opposition lawmakers and the media who support them were talking tough and shouting out loud about "freedom of speech."

Yet when their own shit hits the fan and it all starts to fly back into their faces, they immediately cry "foul!"

Without a ground to stand on
Example number one is the case of Lee Huan's family. Lee Huan is a former premier and education minister. His son and daughter are now legislators. Son Lee Ching-hua was originally in the KMT, left to join the PFP, and was later coaxed back into the KMT fold. His trademark behavior, when making accusations against political opponents in the legislature, is to hold up a pan-blue/pro-China/pro-unification newspaper such as the United Daily News and shout, "Niiiiiiiiii kàn!" ("Look!"). His sister, Diane Lee (Lee Ching-an), is a former Chinese Television System (CTS) anchor and reporter, and is currently PFP legislator infamous for repeated libelous smears against DPP officials.

Recent pan-green media reports said that the Lees had been seen in a Macau casino "accompanied by a man with a Beijing accent" and that the father and son Lees had "spent a good deal of time in a 'chicken farm,' or whorehouse, on the first floor of the casino." Their immediate response to this was to threaten the reporters with lawsuits, but after reporters proved that they weren't doing "Chen Shui-bian's dirty work" or accusing them of laundering money, the Lees admitted that they had, in fact, gone to the casino, but were simply there looking for proof of Chen Shui-bian's alleged indiscretions, ones he was accused of by Lin Ruey-tu and which had already been shown to be groundless charges.

They can dish it out, but they sure can't take it. Can you say "irony"? I thought that you could.

"Bulletgate 2"?
Then there's "independent" (pan-blue) legislator Li Ao (alt. spelling: Lee Ao). Li once brandished a knife during a legislative session and told Minister of Defense Lee Jye that he should castrate himself. Furthermore, Li is the same guy who went to Beijing and said in a speech in September of this year there that he "hope[s] ... the Chinese Communist Party will continue to live 1,000 years to let the people enjoy its service."

Li recently received some envelopes bearing disgusting contents and cried to Taipei City mayor Ma Ying-jeou that he needed more police bodyguards. (See the previous post.)

One or two days later, Li reports -- all the while sporting a shit-eating grin -- that he has received a bullet in the mail and that he expects the police to capture the perpetrator just as quickly as they did when Premier Frank Hsieh and GIO Minister Pasuya Yao received threats via telephone.

You know what, Li Ao? So do I!

I, too, hope they find the perpetrator, because with your history of insane statements and accusations and without any real evidence that someone else (a pan-green supporter?!) did it, I can only conclude that you directed someone to mail it to you just so you'd have something to talk about on the news. (Sorry, I can't fand any links to print media on the "bullet" story yet, but I will update if I do.) [*See "UPDATE" at the bottom of this post.]

The artist formerly known as "the defender of the ROC flag," Ma Ying-jeou
At two international sporting events held recently in Taipei (the Asian Short Track Speed Skating championship and the Sixth Asian Youth Judo Championship), the ROC flag (which I consider to be the flag of an occupying power rather than the "real" Taiwan flag) was replaced by the Olympic flag of Chinese Taipei which, due to Chinese pressure, has been flown at the Olympics since 1984. (Being mostly white, it also looks way too much like a surrender flag.)

The problem this time is that while the events were held in Taiwan, not only was the ROC flag removed from the facility, but spectators were forbidden by the event organizers from even carrying such flags inside. The organizer of the latest even shed crocodile tears on TV news while blaming "the (central?) government" for the situation.

Good try, but the thing is that Frank Hsieh had made clear that there were no laws to prevent such free speech.

But when the flag of the enemy is raised, and the local one is lowered (at an event representing "peaceful competition"?), the lyrics of Alanis Morisette naturally start bouncing around in your brain.

ESWN "explains" why his readers "think" he has something against Taiwan
Michael Turton blogs about it so I don't have to, but I'll give you a summary of what ESWN said [barely a parody-phrase]:
All of the damned English-language media that tells the truth about anything is so freakin' fair to the DPP; otherwise, I'd translate the Liberty Times instead of the wormy Apple Daily (whose polls are based on questions asked of a couple hundred people). Besides,
Taiwan Robbed My Childhood." (But I know you'll come to your own conclusions anyway, so stop saying that!)
By the way, any readers who count on the China Post for their "news" are very unfortunate.

More BS-TV
At Saturday's Golden Bell Awards ceremony, TVBS anchor Jang Yi-i won an award for "One Foot, One Step: Discovering New Formosa." Going onstage to accept the award, Jang had this to say:
"It is important and great for the TVBS to win the award right now," she said," Our company always concentrates on programming about Taiwan's culture."
Dissembling bullshit! Most of their programming slams Taiwan while referring more and more frequently to China as nèi dì ("inland" or "interior"). 100% bullshit, that's BS-TV for ya.

GIO Minister Pasuya Yao was in the audience, so it doesn't look too much like he's "oppressing" anybody's free speech.

At least the Taiwan News is one of the few who "get it":
Whether the timing or style of the GIO's action was appropriate can be debated, but the fundamental issue is quite clear: TVBS is indisputably 100 percent owned by foreign capital, namely Hong Kong's Television Broadcasting (TVB).

This fact is clearly stated in TVB's 2004 Annual Report and was acknowledged by TVBS General Manager Lee Tao who said that TVBS is "entirely owned by Hong Kong capital" during his "2100" nightly talk show.
Why are so few people pointing this out? Are they purposely trying to be ironic?

All your former GIO Ministers are belong to us
Last Thursday, three former GIO Ministers made the easy-to-debate statement that none of them had ever tried to close down a TV station. What's so ironic about this is that during their tenures, the media was completely pan-blue owned and controlled and that those ministers were appointed by the pan-blues. Of course they didn't close down their own stations!

Some crybabies won't stop crying (wolf) no matter what you do.

But wait -- there's even more
Three men were released from police custody after being brought in on charges of making a "defamatory" video about Taoyuan County Magistrate Chu Li-luan (KMT). The video, said to be "aimed at lampooning" Chu, features "five characters gossip[ing] about Chu, his family and his administration...," and makes claims that "that Chu had extra-marital affairs and has staffed the county government with in-laws and cronies, [and that] Chu's father-in-law and former KMT lawmaker Kao Yu-jen has ruled the county from behind the scenes."

In order to "disprove" the part about "extra-marital affairs," Chu "hugged his wife" at a campaign rally. (Wow!)

Why isn't the United Daily News calling the producers of the video "heroic performance artists"?

Can you stand all that irony? I know I can't.

NOTE: Just in case you didn't notice, this is a post about irony, a topic which is often lost on people with whom you disagree. I don't advocate making shit up about people, even if they are evil. I don't advocate mailing people feces, cockroaches, or bullets. I do advocate backing your shit up when making criminal allegations against people. I do recommend doing research into topics with which you are unfamiliar. I don't expect you to believe everything you read in the pan-green media outlets. I don't even expect you to believe anything I say on this blog without following the links and researching the facts for yourself.

Oh, and please don't whine about the other guy being "unfair" when your own tactics turn against you.

UPDATE (11/20/2005): While I still haven't found anything about Li Ao's bullet in the English-language media, I did find this on the Chinese-language ETToday web site [translation, emphasis, bracketed comments mine]:
Independent lawmaker Li Ao receives threat in the mail! On the afternoon of November 11th, Li arrogantly answered reporters questions, saying that because he had previously received threatening mail, the Legislative Yuan had made special arrangements to handle his mail. Li Ao said that, on [November] 10th a letter addressed to him was suspected to have contained a bullet. Upon examination by relevant authorities, the suspicion was confirmed. Li Ao said, "I am very brave, not one bit afraid." Li Ao emphasized, "There are some who would send a [loose] cannon or perhaps even a hand grenade."

Li Ao frequently receives threatening bullets in the mail. According to Li's analysis, there are only three reasons for this: "The first is my personal relationships are not good; second, public security is not good; the third reason is that my personal relationships are not good, and public security is not good." [sic] As for receiving the latest bullet, Li Ao stressed, he certainly is not afraid at all, it only makes Brother Ma [Taipei mayor Ma Ying-jeou] look bad.

At the same time he also emphasized, "There are some who would send a [loose] cannon or perhaps even a hand grenade." [sic: this sentence is repeated from above almost word-for-word]

[At the bottom of the page is a photo of Li Ao between bites of shit. That photo bears the following caption]

Lawmaker Li has previously received packets of animal blood in threatening mail. Today he said, "This time it's really a bullet," and joked that, "There are some who would send a [loose] cannon or perhaps even a hand grenade." [sic: the third time this sentence has been used in such a short article] In addition, after receiving the most recent threat, Premier Frank Hsieh sent police officers to protect him.
NOTE: In that last sentence, Li Ao is once again backhandedly scolding Ma Ying-jeou (by saying he had to resort to Premier Hsieh, instead of Ma, for protection [from that which he is "not one bit afraid"]). Also, the "blood" which ETToday mentions turned out to actually be feces according to multiple reports. Also, the Chinese-language term "dà pào" which Li Ao used can mean either an actual cannon or "a blunt and outspoken person; one who overstates things forcefully," hence, my translation as "[loose] cannon" -- a term which suits my main suspect in this case, Li Ao.

More Chinese-language reports (mostly simplified Chinese pages on .cn domains) about Li Ao's latest bullet can be found here.

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