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Saturday, November 05, 2005

TVBS = BS-TV: Part 2

I wonder what the people who say that Chen Shui-bian is oppressing TVBS have to say about this [Link to an English-language PDF file] from their puppetmasters at Hong Kong-based TVB:


Our channel operations in Taiwan continued to generate encouraging results. In line with our long term strategy to expand our earnings base, we are pleased to report that the group has increased its stake in Liann Yee Production Co. Ltd., in Taiwan. from 70% to 100% through a transaction announced on 4 February 2005. The transaction received the approval from shareholders of the Company at an extraordinary general meeting on 21 March 2005. With the consolidation of our interest in the Taiwan cable TV market, we look forward to further contribution from this exciting, though competitive, market.


Run Run Shaw
Executive Chairman

Hong Kong, 23 March 2005
To repeat two items for emphasis: 1) "increased its stake in Liann Yee [...] to 100%" and 2) "Our channel operations in Taiwan continued to generate encouraging results." Quack!

In addition to reinforcing the claims that TVBS is 100% foreign-owned, the document linked above also seems to have proven that the reason given for not paying taxes for the past three years is just another layer of BS. If I were running a business, I wouldn't consider "suffer[ing] from financial problems" to be an "encouraging" sign.

So, is TVBS 100% BS-TV, or what?

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