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Friday, December 23, 2005

China continues to spew bullshit propaganda

I use their "white paper" in the bathroom

Just this month, China is reported to have committed its "deadliest attempt to suppress demonstrations ... since the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre." And just 9 months after enacting an "anti-secession" law aimed at Taiwan, their lies about being "peaceful" continue unabated.

An article titled "China Vows Peaceful Use Of Its Power" in today's edition of the Washington Post begins like this:
The Chinese government, responding to doubts in the United States and neighboring Asian countries, made what it called a "solemn promise" Thursday that its growing power will never become a threat to other nations.
You know, when the leaders of China say "solemn promise," it sounds to me more like "utter bullshit."

Their "vow" comes as part of a white paper called "China's Peaceful Development Road." [Read the whole thing at these links: English, Traditional-Chinese] Translated into more realistic language, its title would be "The Big, Bad Bullies' Billowing Boulevard of Bellicosity."

In the eighth of the Washington Post article's eleven paragraphs, writer Edward Cody finally gets around to this bit:
[M]issing from the document was any mention of Taiwan, which U.S. officials consider among the places most critically affected by China's rising power and its use of growing wealth to finance improvements to the military. China has vowed to re-integrate the self-ruled island into the mainland, by force if necessary, but maintains that this is an internal affair and not part of its foreign relations.
There's absolutely no reason to trust China on this. If you have even the slightest doubt, just search Google for [China Taiwan "by force if necessary"] to see for yourself.

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