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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

KMT demonstrates once again just how evil they are

One could only wish for instant Karma

Recent reports have alleged that the Chinese government has been removing organs for transplant from members of Falun Gong -- while they are still alive. If these reports are true, then there are no words strong enough to describe how awful this is. But in order to determine the facts, investigation is required.

Taiwan's DPP proposed an investigation into the matter by international rights groups, but the KMT -- who have once again been consorting with Taiwan's enemies recently and who will do anything to oppose the DPP -- has blocked the resolution.

What could they possibly be thinking?

As I have noted too many times to count, the KMT Killed Many Taiwanese during the "228 Incident" and White Terror period that followed. Being a majority opposition and hating everything Taiwanese, I'm not surprised by their attitudes towards the DPP, but what ever happened to "Chinese don't kill Chinese"? [Alternate LINK]

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