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Friday, June 23, 2006

KMT legislator acts out fantasies of murdering Chen Shui-bian

What will it take to get rid of them? (I mean their sick fantasies)

While Taiwan's DPP boycotted Thursday's legislative session in protest of the recall motion against President Chen Shui-bian, the KMT and their pan-blue co-conspirators were busy acting out in the LY.

As I flipped through the TV channels late Thursday night, I saw footage of KMT legislator Chiang Lien-fu holding up an A-bian doll and pretending to shoot it with (what appeared to be) a toy pistol. This is pure idiocy.

Another story during the same news cycle featured a smiling young man with a T-shirt with an image of somebody with a gun to Chen's head.

The context, for those who didn't read my earlier post, is that the KMT has been a party of ultraviolence since its inception. Recent statements by KMT chairman Ma Ying-jeou that President Chen "would die a horrible death" if he didn't step down finally opened a lot of people's eyes to what I've seen clearly for quite some time -- that the KMT is still a sick, violent, authoritarian party which doesn't believe in democracy because it bit them on the ass in 2 successive presidential elections.

Go ahead, make my day
In President Chen's televised 2-hour address to the people of Taiwan Tuesday night, he spoke of Ma's stupid words ("It's time to load the gun, but not yet time to pull the trigger, because you only get one shot at recalling a president.") and said, "I am also willing to sacrifice myself for the country if my 'horrible death' could ease the grudges some people hold against me," adding that people with such ideas should go ahead and "pull the trigger."

Since Chen used the same words that Ma used (purportedly in a metaphorical sense), does the toy gun in the legislature reveal anything (that you didn't already know), or did Chen somehow suddenly change the meaning of what Ma said? While Ma subsequently made a public apology for his words, it didn't seem sincere then (as it came on the same day that he compared Chen to Yuan Shih-kai), and it certainly doesn't seem sincere now.

And for those who aren't part of the reality-based community, saying "Go ahead and shoot me" doesn't make it legal for the shooter to do so.

Will the KMT condemn such behavior, or will they try to "justify" it? I think I already know the answer to that.

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