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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Motion to recall Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian fails

Pan-blue leaders try to move the goalposts yet again

With a DPP boycott of the vote in effect, only 119 of the Legislative Yuan's 225 legislators (just under 53%) voted today in favor of recalling President Chen. (In addition, there were 14 null ballots.) This fell far short of the required two-thirds majority (148 votes = just under 66%) required for the motion to succeed, and Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng declared that the motion had failed (不成立).

Not surprisingly, the pan-blues couldn't face up to the facts. I saw KMT chairman Ma Ying-jeou on TV a few moments ago whining, "What kind of victory is this? Is it a victory for liars?"

Obviously not.

The China Post reports that PFP chairman James Soong had this to say about the result:
"Over half of the legislators voted to recall him, so he should quickly tender his resignation."
Let me reiterate: The law (which the pan-blues participated in writing) requires a two-thirds majority, but for James Soong, "Over half" is good enough.

That's called "moving the goalposts" -- a clear sign of a crybaby sore loser and standard behavior for authoritarians who have been slapped in the face by democracy yet again.

UPDATE: More than 10 hours after the recall motion failed, CNN (the TV version) still has only this to say in their newsbar:
Supporters and opponents of Taiwan's pres. clash
I didn't see anything in their headlines at 9:30 PM, and a Google News search for [Taiwan recall source:CNN] only brings up one online article. [Note the misspelling "tariwan" in that URL.] They'll have to pay a little more attention than that if they want to get the actual story at all. Oh, I see. That's not what they're after.

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