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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

China Times lies

The pan-blue media can't handle the truth!

Today's China Times bears a headline designed to cause pan-blue orgasms all across Pan-blovia. For those with an ounce of objectivity left in them, it reeks of desperation.

Here's the head-lie:
籲扁下台效應擴大:扁律師 閃靈主唱連署

[My translation:] Appeal to [Chen Shui-]bian to step down expands: [Chen Shui-]bian's lawyer, Chthonic lead singer sign online petition
My bullshit detector immediately said, "BULLSHIT!" My more logical side said I should still check things out.

I did.

Sir, your bullshit detector is working perfectly
Unlike the China Times, I checked my facts. On Chthonic lead singer Freddy Lim's blog, here's what Freddy himself says about his name being on that petition:



[My rough translation:] Earlier this evening, I was shocked to find my own name among those on the online petition entitled "Democracy and the Moral Crisis of Taiwanese Identity." I went into deep thought. This was the wrong time for such a thing to happen, because every bit of my time was needed in order to prepare for my upcoming concert this Friday. However, this had already happened and reporters were trying to get in touch with me. If I didn't say something immediately, I was afraid that this false label would be stuck to me forever.


Lastly, I want to reiterate publicly, I absolutely did not sign my name to that petition. Some "dear friends" must have "kindly" placed my name there without my knowledge. Within a short time, the petitioners removed my name, so I thank them for that. I wish the best of luck to those who care about transitional justice in Taiwan, and hope for a day when blue and green can come together and give the people of this nation the justice they deserve.
And it took me all of about 15 minutes to find that information.

Freddy also called in to several TV talk shows last night to talk about this, and yet the China Times still printed it as a front page headline.

The "blues who cried 'wolf'" are the "wolves"!
Once again, the proof is in the pudding that most of the media in Taiwan are one with the pan-blues and that the pan-blues are the ones in a deep "moral crisis."

This is the third time this month I've blogged on such tactics by the opponents of democracy in Taiwan. First, my name and words were usurped and used as a straw man on the blog of son-of-a-late-KMT-diplomat Bevin Chu. Next, fellow Taiwan democracy blogger Michael Turton's name was misappropriated in an apparent attempt to add credibility to a lost cause. Then came the China Times, whose lies touched someone with immediate access to more open media outlets. Freddy spoke out about this on the SET program 大話新聞 ("Talking Show") a short while ago repeating some of what he said above.

Where to now?
The least I could hope to come out of this would be for people to begin to wake up to the blatant lies and realize that there are many more that aren't as easy to spot. Ideally, I would like these recent events to be the catalyst for the rapid downfall of the China Times and all of the other mendacious media outlets in Taiwan.

Down with the lies! Long live truth!

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