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Saturday, September 02, 2006

How the anti-Chen crowd perpetuates the hate

If you did something stupid or evil, would you videotape yourself and put it on the web?

Imagine someone who hates Taiwan's president Chen Shui-bian and his family, says that they are corrupt, and thinks that they and others who have similar ideas should be in jail. Imagine that the only person among them who has been formally charged with anything -- and just as importantly, not yet convicted -- is Chen's son-in-law.

The above may not be so difficult, as the pan-blue media continually tells us to hate these people. So let's take it a step further. Imagine, if you will, a father proudly teaching his 2-year-old daughter this kind of hatred. Can you?

It's not your imagination running away with you
Unfortunately, every bit of the above scenario is true, and you don't need to imagine it at all. The father has posted the video on YouTube to demonstrate how "even a 2-year-old" opposes President Chen. See for yourself.

00:23 YouTube video:
"Ting-ting topples Chen Shui-bian"
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Translation: The father begins to say the names of political figures, including Chen Shui-bian, Lee Teng-hui, and Chen-haters Chen Wen-qian (Sisy Chen) and Jaw Shaw-kong, but he lets the daughter finish saying the last word of each name. The last name the father mentions is the president's son-in-law Chao Chien-ming. He then asks if Chao and a few others close to the president are corrupt. Each time, the daughter answers, "Yes." The father suggests, "Make them step down, okay?" and "Send them to jail, okay?" The daughter answers each question, "Okay!" The father's voice is cut off at the end as he says "Well done!" and it comes out sounding instead like the Mandarin equivalent of "Fuck!"

Family tradition?
Child abuse is said to be like an "infection" which "creates a downward spiral through generations, each victim more likely to infect more and more victims."

Did the father's parents teach him to be this way? Did he learn such behavior via pro-unification politicians? Is the media both the reflector and the director of such behavior?

If you discovered such a video of yourself as a child being programmed with such hatred, how would you feel toward your parents? Would you begin to question everything? Would you worry how it would impact your own children?

And what about the victims who have no idea that such abuse occurred -- what happens to them? Victims of emotional abuse tend to have "social, cognitive, and economic difficulties" when they grow up. How many among the anti-Chen crowd are the result of such emotional abuse?

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