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Monday, March 10, 2008

Taiwan: Frank Hsieh & Ma Ying-jeou's second presidential debate

Televised March 9, 2008

As happened coincidentally with the first debate on February 24, I was busy with family matters, so I can't comment on the content just yet. But YouTube user ricky200708 has posted all of the videos from yesterday's debate between Frank Hsieh (謝長廷) and Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) and compiled them in playlist form:

20-part YouTube playlist: "2008/03/09 第二場總統大選電視辯論會"
(Translation: March 9, 2008 Second televised presidential debate

Notice the different elements from the usual YouTube player, including the arrows that will appear at the sides of the screen when you hover your cursor over the video, the thumbnails that will appear at the bottom, and the button to the right of Play/Pause which will show/hide the thumbnails. When the thumbnail view is enabled, you will also see smaller arrows to the left and/or right of the thumbnails, allowing you to see thumbnails and titles for the previous/next group of videos.

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UPDATE: Here is a report and some transcripts/translations (all English) from the debate via Monday's Taipei Times.
* Hsieh, Ma face off in last debate (report)
* Presidential election 2008: 12 days to go: Hsieh and Ma face the nation (transcript/translation) (Check out Ma's huge distortion within that transcript about the defense budget that his party blocked for 6 years.)
* Presidential election 2008: 12 days to go: Presidential hopefuls spar on critical issues (transcript/translation) (See Ma "one-China" Ying-jeou talk about a "Taiwan-centric" China policy!) [/update]

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