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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taiwanese impressions of China

Survey says...

This is the Taiwan Republic
This is the Taiwan Republic
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A DPP survey released December 25, 2008 presents a picture of Taiwan that differs greatly from the one painted by the memes that pro-China media and other journos often present. Below is a CNA article on the subject [translations mine]:

Green camp: 56% of the public think cross-strait talks should not be conducted on a "party-to-party" basis


Chen Chun-lin (陳俊麟), director of the DPP's Public Opinion Survey Center, says today that a poll shows that 65.8% of respondents feel that the government has not done a good job with cross-strait policy so far. 55.8% feel that conducting cross-strait negotiations on a party-to-party basis is inappropriate.


Announcing the results of a poll titled "The Taiwanese public's impressions of China," Chen Chun-lin had this to say.


On the question of the relationship between Taiwan and China, only 2.7% consider the two territories to be "one country." 36.4% feel that the people of Taiwan and China are the "same ethnicity." 28.1% believe the people on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait share a "common culture." 28.4% say "there is no relationship whatsoever."


Furthermore, 32.2% consider China to be "friendly," while 56.8% feel that it is "hostile" towards Taiwan. 8.9% consider China to be a "democracy" while 85.1% think of China as a "dictatorship."


The poll was conducted on December 23 - 24 with a total of 1,105 respondents. The margin of error is plus or minus about 3.0%. The polling sample was gathered using random phone numbers and targeted citizens over the age of 20 who have the right to vote.
To summarize, a majority of Taiwanese people see Taiwan and China as two separate countries and consider themselves as having a different culture and ethnicity from the people across the Strait. If you, too, want to be able to see through the bullshit about China's "goodwill" or the so-called "panda-mania," just remember the missiles.

1,400 missiles plus 2 pandas still equals hatred!
1,400 missiles... plus 2 pandas... equals... "goodwill"?
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TAIWAN IS NOT CHINA - Taiwan be Taiwan
Something that is known by the great majority of Taiwanese
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