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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hey, Obama! Recognize Taiwan's sovereignty

It is what it is, no matter what the Chinese say

Why is it so hard to call Taiwan "Taiwan"?
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Today's Taipei Times reports on a resolution in the US Congress:
A resolution has been introduced into the US' 111th Congress calling for president-elect Barack Obama to establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan. It also calls for an end to the US' "one China" policy and support for Taiwan's full membership in international organizations.

While the resolution, which was written by long-time Taiwan supporter Congressman John Linder, a Republican from Georgia, has no realistic chance of changing US policies, it is important in that it keeps the issue alive and in the minds of the US' top politicians.


The new resolution asks Obama to recognize Taiwan as a sovereign and independent country separate from China.

It also says the president-elect should aggressively support Taiwan's full participation at the UN and all other international organizations of which the US is a member.


A source close Obama's foreign policy advisers told the Taipei Times: "Taiwan continues to enjoy many warm feelings in the US Congress. We are sensitive to the issue."
However small its chance of passing might be, it is a righteous request (which should be a demand) that needs to be repeated more often, more loudly, and more effectively.

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