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Monday, May 04, 2009

Tainan police turn blind eye to thug violence

Who will protect us from the protectors?

The Taiwan Shadow Government (台灣維新影子政府) web site has a post about people wearing black T-shirts and vests bearing the name of the Matsu Temple (大天后宮) physically removing college students from a demonstration yesterday against the Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) government's policies regarding students from China (where fake educational credentials are easy to come by) entering Taiwan's schools and being able to use their degrees to find jobs here. Watch as police allow the ones committing violence to just walk away:

1:18 YouTube video: "20090503台南市天后宮反對承認中國學歷.大學生嗆馬遭暴力"
Translation: May 3, 2009, Tainan City, Matsu (Tianhou) Temple,
opposing the acceptance of Chinese diplomas, university
students protesting Ma Ying-jeou encounter violence

The Taiwan Shadow Government site also posted this video of the incident which was shot from another angle by FTV News (民視新聞). In this video, you can see one of the temple thugs tackle two protesters:

1:32 YouTube video: "學生台南嗆馬英九被帶進警局 2009 05 03 民視新聞"
Translation: Students protesting Ma Ying-jeou in Tainan carried into police station
May 3, 2009, Formosa Television (FTV)

The students weren't caught in flagrante delicto committing a crime -- they were exercising their right of freedom of speech.

Déjà vu all over again
Remember what happened when anti-Taiwanese Kuo Kuan-ying (郭冠英) returned to the Taoyuan International Airport? Gangster-affiliated men dressed in black accompanying Kuo roughed up DPP politicians, reporters, and several people who were there demanding an apology from Kuo for his insults of the people of Taiwan. In that case, the police stood by doing nothing but holding up signs declaring the protests illegal, and they said later that they "didn't see any violence." See the "invisible violence" for yourself, and be amazed at your own superpowers:

4:25 YouTube video: "高級外省人郭匪冠英返台成「郭街老鼠」-抱頭鼠竄!還有黑衣暴民護送!"
Translation: "High-class mainlander" Commie bandit Kuo Kuan-ying
returns to Taiwan, becomes a "rat crossing the street," covers his
head and runs away! Black-shirted gangsters aide his escape!

Remember what happened when people who were protesting former V-P Lien Chan's (連戰) visit to China in April 2005 were beaten up by gangsters affiliated with pan-blue politicians? Same violent shit, different day.

Such injustice cannot be tolerated. Remember who the party of violence and gangsters is. Wake up!

UPDATE: Claudia Jean has more, including details of what the police were asking the students, and the excuses they made to Tainan City councilor Wang Ting-yu (王定宇) for taking them in.[/update]

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