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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Formosan black bear cub needs a name

Cuter than your average bear

A six-month-old Formosan black bear cub which is new to the Taipei Zoo needs a name, and you need to make sure it'll be a good one. Need inspiration?

A six-month-old Formosan black bear cub
Please don't let them give me a stupid, pro-China name!
(Click above to see the original, unaltered Taipei Times image by Lin Hsiu-tsu)

The first step of the naming process will take place from June 13 - 28, 2009 at the zoo itself.

All readers of this blog who are in Taipei during that time and who can make it to the zoo should go there and suggest the name "Indy." Each visitor to the zoo gets one "nomination card," and only 200 cards will be distributed each day, so get there early! Participation will probably require some Chinese-language skills, so if you need help in that area, be sure to bring someone who can assist.

The second step of the process -- voting -- will take place from July 1 - 14 on the zoo's web site. (I'll update with a more specific URL as soon as I have one.)

The name will be selected on July 18, and there are prizes to be given out.

The best prize, of course, would be if a name like "Indy" is chosen for this beautiful little creature!

Let's see what we can do! (Suggest other possible names in the comments section of Taiwan Matters.)

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