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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ma Ying-jeou's 5 tons of horseshit

Dropping a big, stinking pile of steaming horse doo-doo

Taipei mayor and KMT chairman Ma Ying-jeou (Mau-mau-ing Joe) is still at it -- if, by "it" you understand that I mean his hemming and hawing horseshit.

On his recent tour of the US, during which he surprisingly hasn't claimed that the Rolling Stones are opening for him, he spoke of a policy of "5 Do's" -- an apparent stab at Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian's "5 No's" (AKA 5 Noes"). Because of President Chen's recent announcement of a cessation of the National Unification Council and National Unification Guidelines (NUC/NUG), Ma has accused him of violating the promises made in his inaugural speeches of 2000 and 2004.

Those accusations are patently false.

Chen made the promises about not "abolishing" the NUC/NUG on the condition that China not threaten Taiwan militarily, but the missile buildup across the Taiwan Strait and the so-called "anti-secession" law (which "legislates" the arbitrary use of "non-peaceful means" against Taiwan) are clear proof that the aforementioned condition has not been met. Despite that, Chen carefully avoided the word "abolish" while effectively putting the rotten carcass of the NUC/NUG into the KMT's freezer where they would be free to whip them out and get things all stinky again if they should successfully pull the wool over the eyes of the populace and/or steal the next presidential election in 2008.

More of Ma's horseshit.
Protruding prominently from Ma's "5 Do's" is this long-dried-out, recently-detached dingleberry:
* ...restart the 1990's Hong Kong cross-strait talks on the basis of the so-called "1992 consensus"
Never mind that KMT con artist Su Chi admitted just over a month ago that the term "1992 consensus" was a fabrication, er, a motherfucking lie. In spite of this, Ma Ying-jeou continues spewing this sort of crap as if everyone else were as ignorant of Su's admission as he appears to be.

As far as the other "4 do's," well, who gives a flying fuck on a rolling doughnut? Coming from the mouth of Ma Ying-jeou, they couldn't possibly be anything but the same old shuck and jive.

Bring us the barbecued heads of Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo on a stick
The KMT has been crying over the proposal (Hey pan-blue media, stop pretending that a proposal is the same as a "policy"!) to remove statues of their dead dictatorial deity CKS and his son CCK, who served as director of secret police (the "Blue Shirts"), and eventually became president in true imperial heir-to-the-throne-like fashon.

It is ironic that the same party that has preserved the corpse of CKS (just like they did with Mao Zedong in China) still idolizes people like Ma Ying-jeou, yet accuses the DPP of rule by "populism."

It is also ironic that the KMT has apparently forgotten all about both CKS' failed negotiations with China as well as the "3 No's" policy of CCK which goes like this:
* No Contact
* No Negotiation
* No Compromise
The reason for this kind of policy toward China was and still is abundantly clear: China can never be trusted to make good on any of their own promises -- with the exception, perhaps, of the violent ones.

With the KMT and their media lackeys producing so many lies so frequently, the only reason anyone could believe anything they say has to be that their brainwashing, their suppression of Taiwanese language and identity, and their continued stronghold on the media has worked better than even Mao could have imagined.

Ma's definition of "one China"
Ma finally said out loud that his idea of "one China" is the "Republic of China (ROC)." Last November, I wrote about how during international sports events (not to mention when officials from China come to Taiwan), Ma switches modes and forgets all about his "beloved" ROC.

Does Ma really believe that the People's Republic of China (PRC) doesn't exist even though they were formed in 1949 and Chiang Kai-shek gave up the China seat at the United Nations to them back in 1971? Does he think that his "ROC" hold sovereignty over Beijing, Tibet, and Outer Mongolia? If so, he's fooling himself and those who idolize him.

Chen Shui-bian constantly refers to the "23 million people of Taiwan" when talking about Taiwan's national sovereignty. The message is clear: Taiwan is not part of China, and the claim that the ROC controls, rules, or governs any part of "the mainland" is sheer KMT fantasy.

* Michael Turton metablogs on The Foreigner in Formosa's blogging on the "soft coup" attempt in the wake of the pan-blue loss of the 2004 presidential election in Taiwan.
* Read a wonderful post by overseas Taiwanese student Jen on her feelings about Taiwanese identity. The comments section of that post gives a glimpse into how some people view Jen's right to identify herself as she chooses. She gives many calm, clear, and reasoned counter-arguments to those who not only disagreed with her, but attacked her position and -- according to Jen -- even tried to hack into her e-mail account.

Jen is one of three participants on a blog which started earlier this month called Taiwan Today. Others working on that blog are Vincent and cleverCLAIRE, both of whose blogs I hope to be reading more of in days to come as well as Jen's London Calling.

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