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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Chinese missiles continue to change the "status quo"

Even more missiles to shake your fist(s) at

A report in yesterday's Taipei Times gives us the latest numbers:
The number of tactical ballistic missiles deployed by China against Taiwan reached more than 1,400 at the end of last year, said the National Security Council (NSC), which said in May 2006 that the figure would rise to more than 800 by the end of that year.
Note that the number was already 900 before then end of 2006. Take a look at the following chart:

NOT a question: Hu's changing the 'status quo'!
(Click to enlarge)
How many Chinese missiles are targeting Taiwan?:
40 in 1996; 200 in 2000; 400 in 2004; 900 in 2006; more than 1,400 in early 2008!
Who's changing the "status quo"?
Hu's changing the "status quo"!
Can you see the real troublemakers yet?

The Taipei Times article goes on to say:
The full text of the report in Mandarin is available on the Presidential Office's Web site. An English version will be publicized at a later date.
Here's the link to the Mandarin version of the NSC report (1.1 MB PDF file).

* The fictional 'status quo,' Part 1 (December 20, 2006, Taipei Times)
* The fictional 'status quo,' Part 2 (December 21, 2006, Taipei Times)

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