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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DPP ECFA referendum ad

With free English translation by Tim Maddog

Taiwan's DPP has a great ad to enlighten the public about the lies being told by President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) about an Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) which his government insists will be signed with China. See what Ma says about "sovereignty," and compare it to the direct words of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (溫家寶) about "complete unification" [sic -- the correct word is "annexation" (併吞)]. Cringe in horror as you hear Taiwan's Premier Liu Chao-shiuan (劉兆玄) "explain" why he can't talk about the details of this ECFA.

Here it is with English titles (original version below):

0:35 YouTube video: "DPP ECFA referendum ad - with English titles"

Here's the original version in Mandarin:

0:35 YouTube video: "DPP ECFA referendum ad"

For a more complete description (in English) and more links, go to the YouTube pages for either video (links below each video).

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